Without thinking about having a kennel, our family had a lot of stories with dogs. 

Some of them chose us, like Kate, and others were chosen by us. Dogs are all good, a best friends and all races are amazing.

When we had our first Pomeranian, we went to get one. All family went to get him, but we didn't resist and we left there with four. Yes, FOUR puppies!

Those were the first steps of our kennel and from there our goal is always improve the race, giving love, beautiful and funny stories to a lot of families, what allows us be part of these love and happiness stories.

That is why our goal is to generate best friends.

The THEOS HO PATER kennel values ​​quality of life and well-being of your dogs. Our Pomeranians live with us, being part of our family. With that, we generate calm and well-kept puppies, that will bring beautiful stories to their new homes. 

We intend, in the future, be national and global reference in the quality of dog breeding, always improving the race genetics, with ethic and lots of love. So we generate our perfect friends. 

We hope you like our job and we are available to help you to find the best puppy for you!



Birth: 07/20/2021

Spitz Alemão

Males: 1

Females: 1

Available: 1

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Birth: 07/18/2021

Spitz Alemão

Males: 1

Females: 2

Available: 2

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Birth: 07/09/2021

Spitz Alemão

Males: 2

Females: 0

Available: 1

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